Have you ever had the urge to spend the night under the stars? Away from the city lights, taking in sunset, listening to the local wildlife settle in for the night, feeling like you are a million miles from anywhere? And then waking up the next morning to the sun rising over the open plains, the birds chirping and no traffic?

Welcome to the Northern Territory!

More specifically, welcome to the Ultimate Northern Territory Overnight Tour.

“Recently myself and my fiancée went on the overnight adventure and have to say it was the most spectacular overnight adventure we have ever had, from the sea plane to the fan boat to the chopper into camp, ALL of the staff were amazing …. was the most amazing … thank you to you all for an overall amazing experience. I could only rate 5 stars unfortunately as there were no options for higher rating, highly recommend” – Allen

Let’s start with a flight out from Darwin that gives you amazing views of Darwin city and surrounds, including the floodplains that border Litchfield National Park. These flood plains are simply stunning, especially after we’ve had some rain. Spend some time spotting wildlife – and don’t forget your camera!

Sweets Lagoon

Aboard our floatplane, you’ll take part in a water landing on Sweet’s Lagoon and take an airboat tour over the wetlands and through the amazing monsoonal rainforest where you’ll have close encounters with our famed wildlife. This is certainly a time to snap some great photos to splash on social media and show friends and family once you get home.

Ever swam with a crocodile? Now is your chance. As part of the overnight tour, you’ll get the opportunity to swim safely in a croc-proof cage just metres from some of our most well-known animals. This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity that can’t be missed.

Swim With Crocodiles

Once we’ve spent time exploring, you’ll jump on a helicopter transfer to the exclusive and tented Adventure Camp where you’ll have a big sky “glamping” experience. If you’ve never experienced a night under the stars, or even if you have, this will open your eyes to what living away from the city is like.

From watching the sun set over the plains while sitting around an open-pit fire, to enjoying a gourmet Australian BBQ, cooked by our very own team, on an elevated dining deck, we’re pretty confident that there isn’t quite anything like this tour elsewhere in Australia.

Finish the night off with star gazing while you relax in your indulgent and stylish safari tent.

Wildlife Spotting

If you’re a keen wildlife spotter, you are going to love this tour. Around Litchfield, you may get lucky to spot kangaroos, wallabies, dingoes, black kites, bush-hens, and rainbow bee-eaters. Around water, you may get the chance to see monitors, bandicoots, frill-neck lizards and of course, saltwater crocs. Keep your eye out for the well-known magnetic termite mounds that stand out against the backdrop of the park.

Wildlife Spotting

Around the Finniss River, you’ll get the chance to spot waterbirds including Magpie Geese and Pied Herons, with three large waterbird breeding colonies known on the floodplain. The floodplains are also home to around five threatened birds and one threatened plant species including the Australian Bustard, the Masked Owl and the Red Goshawk. You’ll also see crocodiles and perhaps a buffalo or two.

What to Bring on the Ultimate Overnight Tour

While we supply most things, you’ll certainly want to bring along some warm clothing. The temperature might be great during the day, but at night it gets quite cool out here away from the city. You’ll also want to bring your personal toiletries,  a small torch and BYO drinks. Of course, good walking shoes, your swimming gear and a camera are a must.Whether you live in the Territory or spending time here soaking up everything the Top End has to offer, the Ultimate Northern Territory Overnight Tour is a must. Book now and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime – Territory style!

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