You know you’re going to have a wild adventure when you explore the Northern Territory, but what about the Top End’s other wild side?  The wildlife that is.

Well, even when dinky-di Aussies visit the Northern Territory for the first time, they just can’t believe how different it is.  It’s unlike any other place in the world.  The countryside is different.  The diversity of the ecosystem and the massive scale of the landscapes are unbelievable.  And the creatures that live in this vast wilderness are pretty unusual too.  And pretty spectacular.  And there’s an abundance of them too.

So when you come on tour with us, what kind of wildlife can you expect to see?

Well, for starters, you’ll certainly see something you’ve never seen before.  After all, the NT is home to over 400 species of birds, 150 different mammals, 300 reptiles, 50 types of frog, 60 species of freshwater fish and several hundred species of marine fish.  Of course, we can’t show you them all in a day tour from Darwin, but you will get breathtaking close encounters with at least some of the area’s most extraordinary creatures.

You’ll definitely see crocs.  Lots of them.  ‘Salties’ are the most famous of all NT creatures and with almost a one to one ratio to humans, they’re everywhere.  But remember, our guides make sure that all wildlife encounters are completely safe so you’ll get the photo not the fright!  If you do feel like getting up close and personal with these prehistoric creatures however, there’s always the opportunity for a swim in our croc-safe enclosure.

You’re also likely to see other reptiles like snakes, turtles and monitors on your tour, especially in the watery reaches of Sweet’s Lagoon.

Birds are also prolific and many people say that their most memorable NT wildlife experiences were seeing the huge flocks of birds like magpie geese, waterfowl and dancing brolgas in the billabongs and lowlands.  Depending on where your interests lie, our guides will try their hardest to seek out as many of your feathered friends as possible in the forests and floodplains – and you may even be lucky enough to spot the endangered Gouldian finch which some say is the most beautiful small bird in the world.

Jacanas, spoonbills, kingfishers and egrets can be seen on the lowlands while other species, including some of the shorebirds, the rainbow bee-eater, channel-billed cuckoo and the dollarbird are migratory, so you’ll only get to see them on their stopovers in the Territory before they head off to their breeding grounds.

The fishy tales of the NT are also legendary – and with an opportunity to cast a line from our cruise boat during your tour, you may well land a big one. Catch and release of course!

Many of the mammals in the region are nocturnal and shy, so unless you’re on our popular Ultimate Overnighter, you may not always get to see creatures like possums, flying foxes and the marsupial mouse.   Our experienced guides are all NT locals however, so they know all the secret spots where these elusive creatures are likely to hide and they do their very best to give guests the most memorable wildlife experience.

But if you choose our Ultimate Tour which includes a trip into the Litchfield National Park, you could very well see native kangaroos, wallabies and dingoes plus more unusual species like the rare orange leaf-nosed bats found in the caves around Tolmer Falls and the marsupial mouse around Wangi Falls.  Litchfield National Park is home to a variety of animal and bird life – and with its diverse range of habitats, is the perfect place for nature lovers to explore.

And we think a tour with Outback Floatplane Adventures is the perfect way for you to explore and experience the wild life (and the wildlife) of the Northern Territory.

Not only do you get right close to all the action on your fast boat and cruise through the wetlands around Sweets Lagoon, you also get a unique low level aerial perspective over this incredible landscape from our floatplane.  Put the Top End on the top of your bucket list and check out our half and full day tours from Darwin or our Ultimate Overnighter with helicopter rides and a luxurious glamping experience in safari-style tents.  We’ll show you how to go wild and experience the very best of the Northern Territory.